Monday, 14 May

9 am | Registration
Session 1:
Country / Region Reviews (I)
Chief Delegates
9.30 am | Germany Thaomas Otto
Country Overview
9.45am | Australia Mariusz Martyniuk
Country Overview
10.00 am | China Yuan Weizheng
Country Overview
10.15 am | Korea Tae Song Kim
Country Overview
10.30 am | Iberian Luis Fonseca
Iberian review presentation


10.45 am | Coffee Break
11.30 am | PHOTO
Session 2:
Country / Region Reviews (II)
Chief Delegates
12.00 pm | Japan Toshihiro Itoh
Country review Japan
12.15 pm | Latin America Daniel Lupi
Country Overview
12.45 pm | United Kingdom Massimiliano Zecca
Country Overview
12.45 pm |Romania Adrian Dinescu
Country Review Romania
1.00 pm | Lunch Break
Session 3:
Country / Region Reviews (III)
Chief Delegates
2.30 pm | Italia Paolo Dario
Country Overview
2.45 pm |France Michael de Labachelerie
Presentation of French activities
3.00 pm | Switzerland Philippe Fischer
Country Overview
3.15 pm | European Commision Petra Weiler
EU Initiatives around Smart Systems and Agro-Food, Enviroment & Health
3.30 pm | Coffee Break
4.00 pm | ROUND TABLE
7.30 pm | Bus leaving Bus leaving Dinner Madero Tango


Tuesday, 15 May

Session 4: Agro-food & Environment Delegates:
9.00 am | Thinking about issues on Smart Systems for Agrofood Carles Cané
9.15 am | Opportunities and Challenges of Start-ups and SME in a Digital World: When all Unicorns start in the US or in China, what can the rest of the world do? Uwe Kleinkes
9.30 am | Bringing Precision Farming, Smart Systems and Robotics to Stadiums: the «GREE-GO» Case Study Paolo Dario
10.00 am | IoT: Demand for ASIC and Sensors in Brazil Jacobus W. Swart
10.15 am | Recent development on micro and nano systems research in China Chang Honglong
10.30 am | Coffee Break
Session 5:
Agro-food & Environment
11.15 am | 3D modeling based on mems scanning mirror Qiao Dayong – Jiang Chengyu
11.30 am | Environmental thermal powered energy harvesting microsystem Zhiyu Hu
11.45 am | Sensors design and laser ablation production Carlos Rinaldi
12.00 pm | Microsystems applications at INTI-CMNB Alex Lozano
12.15 pm | Fate and transformation of nanomaterials in biological matrixes: impact on health and environment Sergio Moya
12.30 pm | Current status of IEC-SC47F , MEMS related standardization activities. Takashi Mihara
12.45 pm | MicroSystems for AgroFood, Drinking Water and Air quality monitoring Carmen Moldovan
1.00 pm | Lunch Break
Session 6:
Agro-food & Environment
2.30 pm | Optical MEMS Technologies Towards Remote Infrared Spectroscopy, Sensing, and Imaging for Agriculture Applications Mariusz Martyniuk
2.45 pm | Microtechnologies for Environmental Protection Thomas Dietrich
3.00 pm | Sensors and environmental engineering Marc Desmulliez
3.15 pm | Nano and microtechnologies applications in food quality Luca Francioso
3.30 pm | Coffe Break
4.00 pm | ROUND TABLE
Smart Systems for Environment
8.30 pm | DINNER
El Federal Restaurante

Wednesday, 16 May

Technical Tour
 9.00 am | Scientific and Technological Pole: Bioscience Research Center (CIBION)
11.00 am | National Institute of Industrial Technology:
MEMS Clean Room and Printed Electronics and flexible devices Lab.
1.00 pm | Lunch -Argentinean style – Asado
3.00 pm | Argentinan Nanotechnology Foundation:
Nanoincubation facilities and hosted firms and Nanofab Lab.


Please considerer the following new dates on your MMS2018 agenda.

    • Deadline to send Delegates List: March 16th, 2018. New Deadline April 30th 2018
    • Deadline to send Delegate Member Biography Form: March 16th, 2018. New Deadline April 30th 2018
    • Deadline to send Hotel-Reservation Form: April 14th , 2018. New Deadline April 30th 2018
    • Deadline to send Presentation Titles: March 20th, 2018. New Deadline April 30th 2018
    • Deadline to send Presentation Materials: April 30th, 2018.

MMS 2018 in Buenos Aires May 14th to 16th, 2018